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Rich Rodriguez To Arizona Excites Wildcats QB Matt Scott

Former Arizona Wildcats head coach Mike Stoops didn't endear himself much to his team's fanbase in his tenure in Tucson. However, it does look like he might have done them one last favor before he departed. He was able to grant a redshirt for senior QB Matt Scott, allowing him to return for one more year of eligibility in 2012.

Stoops will never get to coach Scott his senior season. But another coach who had his eyes on him while he was at Ann Arbor will. Anthony Gimino of AG's Wildcat Report with the story on Rich Rodriguez finally getting Scott at his QB.

One of the happy developments from Arizona’s 3-8 season has been that Scott was able to redshirt — assuming he doesn’t accidentally stumble onto the field Saturday against Louisiana, of course — preserving his final season of eligibility.

That final year now intersects with Rodriguez’s arrival, giving hope that Arizona can minimize the pain of changing from a pass-based spread offense to a run-based spread offense.

"I’m excited," Scott said.

"Lots of people know already, but it’s like the offense I ran in high school. It’s going to be fun. I get to go back to my natural roots, you could say, and really be myself."

Scott in a running offense like the one that Rich Rod emphasizes should give him more flexibility to succeed. The reason he was benched in favor of Nick Foles was because Foles was such an accurate passer and able to throw more reps effectively. Now that the more athletic Scott has a chance to let loose with his legs, Arizona might be able to unleash him to the fullest of his abilities.

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