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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Taylor McNamara, Arizona TE Commit, Enjoyed Visit To South Bend

Taylor McNamara is taking a look around at all of the programs that he was interested in before the head coach eh was committed to was axed. The Arizona Wildcats tight end commit is taking his visits, and he seems to be open to other locations.

His latest was to Notre Dame. Greg Biggins of ESPN Recruiting reports that McNamara believes he can find his way into the rotation in South Bend.

"I’m very glad I took this visit," McNamara said. "To be honest, at first I wasn’t sure I would go on the trip just because of their depth chart. They have a lot of tight ends on the roster and that was something I was looking at but it may not be bad as I thought. They have Tyler Eifert, who’s a great player but he could be a first-round draft pick if he decides to leave early this year. 

It's a good sign that McNamara is interested despite the depth the Irish are currently flashing at the position. Notre Dame needs to keep on stacking up on talent to make sure their offense is always functioning at a high level to make sure their quarterbacks have as many options on the field as possible.

It's unknown how much the hiring of Rich Rodriguez will entice McNamara to stick around. The tight end can be a pretty integral part of the spread option offense that Rodriguez is famous for running, but he also isn't featured as prominently in terms of catching passes. This might make McNamara think long and hard about whether Arizona is the place for him.

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