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Rich Rodriguez Press Conference, 'Why Not Us?'

The University of Arizona introduced their new head football coach, Rich Rodriguez, to the fans and media in Tucson on Tuesday. Rodriguez spoke for a few minutes and answer questions from the media. 

"I want to win the Rose Bowl at the University of Arizona. I want to be in the top ten of the country every year," Rodriguez said.

He would not say, however, how long that might take. He will wait until after spring football to fully assess the team and where they currently stand. In the mean time, Rich Rod will stay away from the team as they prepare for their final game of the season.

Rodriguez complemented interim coach Tim Kish but wouldn't say what role Kish or any of the current staff would have with his team moving forward. He plans on bringing in some of his own people with some decisions made within the next week and then taking up to a month to fill out the full coaching roster.

Asked why he took this job, Rodriguez cited the University's commitment to the program, the solid support of the community and fans and, of course, the weather. He compared this situation to his time at West Virginia and said that he hopes to instill a "chip on the shoulder" mentality with both the players and coaching staff.

"Why not us. Why can't we win it all," he said. "My goal is to make this the best place in the southwest part of the country to come play football."

Rodriguez said he will focus his recruiting efforts primarily on Arizona, California, Texas, Louisiana and Florida but obviously didn't rule out recruits from the rest of the country. 

Rich Rod is known for being one of the innovators of the up-tempo, spread offense type of offense that's become more and more popular over the years. He promised that his teams won't be boring and that they will play hard.

"The huddle's biggest waste of time in football," Rodriguez said.

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