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Arizona Vs. Washington Recap: Wildcats Lose To Huskies 42-31

After a thrilling back-and-forth game through the first three quarters, the Arizona Wildcats defense was unable to contain the Washington Huskies, whose offense had too much left in the tank and took a fourth-quarter lead that they never surrendered.

The story of the game was Washington's running back, junior Chris Polk. Polk had 34 carries that netted him 134 rushing yards and four touchdowns, thus ensuring -- if he wasn't headed that way already -- that he will be having "Married...With Children" lines quoted at him for the rest of his life.

Wildcats quarterback Nick Foles was 32-for-50 with 388 passing yards and two touchdowns, but also threw three interceptions. Robert Golden delivered the highlight of the night with his amazing 91-yard-and-then-some pick-six. If you want to watch that (you really want to watch it, trust me), just click here.

Not the easiest loss for Arizona to take, particularly considering that they had a 31-28 lead early in the fourth quarter. in the end, they didn't have as much stamina as the Huskies did, and Washington picked up the win.

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