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Arizona Vs. Washington Score Update: Wildcats Lead 31-28 In Fourth Quarter

What started out as a hard-fought scuffle between the Arizona Wildcats and the Washington Huskies has turned into a real thriller.

The highlight of the night so far came in the third quarter, when Arizona's Robert Golden made what was possibly the most thrilling pick-six of the year. He caught a tipped ball thrown by keith Price, scrambled the width of the field looking for a route, and then ran the length of it to find Washington's end zone. He was running on fumes by the time he crossed the goal line, but thanks to his nimble moves and some spectacular blocking, he ended up with a 91-yard touchdown return. One two-point conversion later, and the Wildcats had tied the score at 21-21.

Washington's Chris Polk but the Huskies back on top with his second touchdown rush of the game, but less than two minutes later, the score was once again tied 28-28 after Nick Foles connected with Juron Criner in the end zone.

The fourth quarter opened with Foles trying to complete another successful Wildcats drive to the end zone. Unfortunately, the Huskies defense stopped Arizona in the red zone, and the Wildcats had to settle for John Bonano's third field goal of the night, which was still good enough to put the Wildcats ahead, 31-28. That's where things stand at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

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