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VIDEO: Arizona Streaker Interview On Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Arizona streaker story that could improbably land Jacen Lankow in prison on felony charges is starting to garner national media attention. Thankfully, it looks as if Jimmy Kimmel is stumping for him on his late night TV show, as Kimmel interviewed him and showed his support for the man. This could be a positive step that'll ensure that Lankow will receive a fair shake in court.  Check out the five minute interview by Kimmel with Lankow after the jump.


Indeed, it doesn't look like anyone was harmed by this event, so why should anyone go to jail over it? This interview will hopefully provide a face to the crime, and will make the judge more sympathetic to Lankow's plight. Hopefully he'll be released, the state of Arizona won't have to be embarrassed with the worst court case ever that no one wants to be a part of, and we can all go on with our lives.