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Arizona Ref-Stripper Identity Revealed, New Video Uncovered

Meet Jacen Lankow, perpetrator of the Arizona-UCLA referee/stripper/streaking episode that took place Thursday night at Arizona Stadium.  

Here's a new look at the whole event, likely taken by some of his friends from the stands. From this video you can see Lankow don the referee garb, run out on the field as an impostor, than immediately start his strip/streak/idiotically not noticing that security guard that tackled him from behind. Lankow obviously wanted to be found; why else would he put his Twitter feed on his back and chest for his time on National television? 

U of A v.s. UCLA Streaker 2011 ENTIRE VIDEO (via lankowlllyk)

One thing is for sure, he's no Soy Bomb.

The most interesting part of the video comes at the very end, when a bit of poor editing gives us a clear shot of Lankow in the infamous underwear along with a couple of Wildcat fans:

One can argue that he did this on purpose, or that he simply didn't create a feasible exit strategy. It didn't seem like he was looking for an out when he was running around, more like just making sure everybody there saw him do it. If you ask me this kid was in it for the spotlight (which I am giving him as I write this) because I don't know what more than 15 minutes of fame could possibly come from this. We all have our time in the sun, and it's already setting on Mr. Lankow. 

Your parents must be so proud of you Jacen!