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ANIMATED: Streaker Impersonates Pac-12 Ref At Arizona-UCLA Game

We'll have some quality video of the fight between the Arizona Wildcats and the UCLA Bruins soon enough. However, this post is dedicated to the intrepid Arizona streaker who clearly put a great deal of thought into his get-up. He impersonated a Pac-12 official, ran onto the field, tried to take the football from the official who had it. When he was denied the football, the streaker started to move down the field, and I'm guessing from there he began to remove his getup. The ESPN cameras were sadly no help to us though.

After the jump, check out the streaker in action, courtesy of Gifulmination. Click on the image if you're having trouble seeing the animation on our site.




The streaker apparently EVEN BLEW THE PLAY DEAD. This is the greatest Pac-12 officiating audition ever!

Conjecture: Everyone was so angry he took the football, they started to fight I guess. At least I'm guessing that's exactly what happened.

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