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VIDEO: Juron Criner Amazing Catch For Arizona Vs. UCLA

Juron Criner of the Arizona Wildcats took advantage of poor defense by the UCLA Bruins (more like 'LOL' defense if you watch it enough) on his first touchdown catch, but the second catch was all him. And what a catch!

Nick Foles threw what I think was supposed to be a back-shoulder fade. I say 'think' because that football didn't look like it was on target, since it was high and away and right above the head of Aaron Hester. No way Criner can make that catch, right?


Holy wowzers. Arizona went up 14-0, and there has been no resistance at all from the Bruins defense in this one.

Criner has three touchdown catches and the Wildcats are up 42-7 at halftime. You read that right.

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