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Andrus Peat Has Nebraska Cornhuskers, Stanford Cardinal As Top Two?

Well, Greg Biggins covers ESPN West Coast recruiting pretty closely. So I generally trust his opinion on recruiting. So when he says things like.

AZ OL Andrus Peat just had his his UA jersey ceremony, gut feel is this one comes down to a Nebraska- Stanford battle

I tend to listen.

Peat has always been considered a Nebraska lean because of the fact his brother is already on the team. That generally is a big factor. But Stanford coming in to steal Nebraska's thunder is a bit surprising. Peat had originally been looking at Texas and Florida State strongly, but it looks as if the fading of both the Longhorns and Seminoles in real life might have cooled his interest.

The Stanford Cardinal have to look pretty good right now. Their offensive line hasn't lost too much of its run blocking and pass protection ability, and they help make Andrew Luck look his very best. With none of Peat's top favorites doing so well on the football field, the appeal of Stanford becomes all the clearer.

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