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Andrus Peat Announces Planned Visit To Nebraska

Looks like Andrus Peat is going to find his way to Nebraska after all - at least for a visit.

After postponing his originally scheduled trip to Nebraska earlier in the month, Peat tweeted earlier today (here via Kevin Stewart's retweet) that he will now be attending the Iowa-Nebraska game on November 26th.

Peat - an offensive tackle from Corona Del Sol in Tempe - is one of the top offensive line recruits in the 2012 class and already has ties to Nebraska. Peat's older brother, Todd, committed to Nebraska coach Bo Pelini last year.

It isn't a done deal though. With schools like Florida State, Texas and Stanford in the running for Peat's services as well, Nebraska still has its work cut out. But with Todd already in place, it at least has a leg none of the other schools can stand on.

Peat has proven that he will take his time with his decision. In the meantime, he gets to enjoy some college football games.