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Mike Leach Visiting Tucson. Could He Also Visit The Arizona Wildcats?

This has to make Arizona Wildcats fans a little giddy, doesn't it? Anthony Gimino of the Tucson Citizen reports.

Leach wrote that will be appearing at Casino del Sol that day for a College All-Star Game press conference. The former Texas Tech coach is affiliated with the event, which held its inaugural game in Tempe in January.


Leach also wrote that he will be appearing at a Barnes & Noble for a book signing at 7 p.m. on Nov. 2, although he did not specify which store. He is promoting his book, Swing Your Sword.

Sure, the reasons Leach will be in Tucson are totally unrelated to anything that's been going on the past week surrounding the Arizona football program. But still ... 

Mike Leach will be in Tucson for a decent chunk of time this year.

This means Mike Leach will be close to the campus of the University of Arizona.

That means Mike Leach is close to a likely-to-be-vacant head coaching position at a major Division I football program!

You have to be excited at the possibility, even if it's nothing but smoke. Arizona needs things to celebrate right now since their season is going nowhere but the grave. Leach rumors can do plenty to sustain a fanbase.

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