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Boise State Coach Chris Petersen To Arizona? Doesn't Make Sense

Mike Stoops is out as the coach of the Arizona Wildcats football team. After a miserable eleven game stretch that has seen UA go 1-10, who can blame AD Greg Byrne for finally dispatching the coach?

More interestingly, rumors have surfaced that Boise St. Broncos coach Chris Petersen is high on the wish list of Arizona, a team that has struggled mightily in 2011. Is Petersen interested in trading the blue turf for the desert?

Chris Petersen-to-Arizona talk heating up. Friends with Ariz AD Greg Byrne. @AGWildcatReport: Ariz announcement at 5:15. Stoops out?
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That makes a lot of sense, as Petersen has taken the Broncos to two Fiesta Bowl victories, four WAC championships, and an absurd 66-5 record since taking over as coach in 2006.

The real question, however, is why Chris Petersen would be interested in this job in the first place.

After so many strong performances in Boise, he has secured a faithful following, being blessed with a theoretically endless contract that extends one year after every season with eight or more wins. He currently makes $1.6 million a season, making him the state's highest-paid employee.

At only 46 years old, Petersen has a lot of time left in his coaching career. He still feels that he has something to prove at Boise State. People have theorized that the Broncos may finally be headed to a BCS conference if the Big XII comes calling, and he still has half a season left with superstar quarterback Kellen Moore.

Petersen also must tread lightly before following in the footsteps of Dan Hawkins, Boise's last coach. Hawkins went to Colorado, where he coached for five seasons, compiling an ugly 19-39 record before being fired in the middle of November.

Does the University of Arizona represent a quantum leap in the career of Petersen? It does not. Wildcat fans would love to have him, and fellow members of the Pac-12 would surely brace themselves upon his arrival.

In reality, he has no reason to leave an excelling program for a middle-of-the-pack school like Arizona. Unless one of the power schools come calling, Petersen is staying in Idaho.

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