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College Basketball Recruiting Rankings: Arizona Wildcats Remain At Top, UCLA Falls To No. 3

As the fall signing period approaches, the Arizona Wildcats continue to have the top-ranked recruiting class for 2012. Five-star big man Grant Jerrett committed back in January of 2011 for the first pledge and electric shooting guard Gabe York made his college choice in the second week of July.

These two already have UA a solid start to their class, but the player Sean Miller had his eye on for nearly two years was Brandon Ashley. Despite being coveted by just about every program in the nation, Miller did whatever it took to lure Ashley to Tucson and received a commitment on August 29.

Jerrett, York and Ashley have combined to give the Wildcats the top-ranked recruiting class for 2012 and were recently a topic of discussion on Recruiting Nation. They are joined in the top-10 by Indiana, UCLA -- who recently fell to No. 3 with the departure of point guard Dominic Artis -- Pittsburgh, Providence, Baylor, North Carolina, Texas, Michigan State and Villanova. 

There are certainly a few blue blood programs scattered throughout the rankings, one may notice the lack of Kentucky and Duke. While those two programs are right in the middle of things among some of those players yet to select a program, their lack of recruiting success (so far, at least) is something to watch.

If there was ever any doubt about Sean Miller's ability to recruit, it is gone. The head coach has done a phenomenal job both on and off the court since taking over two and a half years ago.