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Fiesta Bowl: UConn Huskies 17-Point Underdogs Against Oklahoma Sooners

The sports books in Las Vegas don’t give the Connecticut Huskies much of a chance in Saturday’s Fiesta Bowl, pinning the Huskies as a 17-point dog to the Oklahoma Sooners.

It goes without saying that UConn is possibly the worst team to grace a BCS bowl game, and Oklahoma was ranked No. 1 in the country a mere two months ago. At no point in the 2010 season did the Huskies break the top 25 (although the final AP poll has cast them at 25th overall).

Oklahoma has the fourth-best passing offense in college football, averaging 336 yards a game. The Sooners boast Landry Jones at quarterback, a talented sophomore who has picked up nearly 4,300 passing yards in 2010. Does UConn even have a chance? The real question is, can you spot them 17 points and still expect to win?