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New Big Ten Logo Is Ugly, Lacks Creativity

In case you missed it, earlier today the Big Ten released their new logo, doing away with the Big (11) Ten logo of recent times. With the addition of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, the Big Ten is actually the Big Twelve, though they would never admit or acknowledge it.

I'm extremely disappointed in this logo. What was wrong with this old logo? Couldn't fit a sneaky 2 in there somewhere?


My main problem with this new logo is that it lacks vision. It doesn't mean anything. The Pac-12 shot for the moon with their new logo, implementing the Rocky Mountains and a spectacular cresting wave to perfection. The Big Ten gives you a cornfield. What else should I have expected?

With that in mind, I am not a critic -- I like to offer solid solutions to life's problems.

Dear Big Ten (12),

My name is Cory. Ever since I was a little boy, I've hated your brand of football. I used to think college football was boring because the only teams that were ever on the television while growing up near Detroit were Michigan, Ohio State, and Notre Dame.

As I grew older, I realized something: college football isn't boring; the Big Ten (12) is boring. You don't explode with ingenuity like the Boise States or the Oregon Ducks. All that happens is the following, in no particular order:

  • People pay far too much money to sit in an old, historic stadium
  • There is usually bratwurst being grilled on open flames
  • The two squads line up in Power I formations and run the ball at each other's throat.
  • What's that, a play action?!
  • Michigan loses.

Like it or not, I just summed up a normal college football Saturday in the Big Ten (12). While I truly love college football, I would have disliked your conference's style of play even if your logo was a cow with a corn on the cob in his mouth.


Cory Williams

Editor's note: Yes, I am aware this was extremely stupid.