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College Football Rankings, Week 11: Arizona Wildcats Return To Tucson To Face USC

After being humbled in Palo Alto by the Stanford Cardinal, the Arizona Wildcats return to the cozy confines of their Tucson home to take on the USC Trojans this Saturday evening at 6 P.M. The Trojans are coming off an underwhelming victory over ASU, where they came one missed field goal away from losing yet another home game.

After such a tight game against the mediocre Sun Devils, one would think that UA would have this game in the bag. However, the Wildcats didn't exactly show up for their last contest, losing by 25 to Stanford. The Wildcats are out of range of the BCS at this point, but a couple of big wins down the stretch could put them back in the conversation.

Arizona has two home games (USC and ASU) and an epic tilt against the Oregon Ducks in Eugene. Win all three of those games, and the Wildcats are back in business.

What's going on in the BCS around Arizona? Lets see if there are any games of interest.

19th-ranked Mississippi State is playing 12th-ranked Alabama, and should the Bulldogs pull off the upset, they would surely rise up the polls. Does this seem to be realistic? No. The Crimson Tide, despite having two losses this season, are still an elite team. They will not succumb to this upstart.

Missouri, just one spot above the Wildcats, is taking on Kansas State in Columbia. The Tigers are reeling, but they will return to their winning ways against K-State.

Honestly, I can't see Arizona moving up this week even if they beat the Trojans. The true barometer will come against Oregon, and a victory on the road would catapult the Wildcats into the high teens.