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NFL Fantasy Football, Week 5: Beanie Wells Could Put Up Numbers, Drew Brees A Must Play Against Cardinals Defense

What to look for in this week's Cardinals-Saints game from a fantasy football perspective.

If the Arizona Cardinals weren't playing Max Hall at QB -- an undrafted rookie making his first NFL start -- the Cards wouldn't have a legitimate chance to win this game. Derek Anderson wasn't the answer, either. There isn't a QB on Arizona's roster who could lead the Red Birds to victory in this game.

The key in the Cards-Saints match up is for Arizona to not fall behind early. If Coach Whisenhunt's squad gets off to a slow start and they have to abandon the Cardinals' biggest advantage -- the Cards' run offense versus the Saints' run defense -- this game will get just as ugly as the Week 4 loss to the San Diego Chargers

The Saints are 27th in total rushing yards allowed and give up 4.5 yards per rush (24th in the NFL). With a rookie QB, there has never been a better time for Whiz to come out and run the ball the first 10 offensive plays. 

Get Beanie Wells involved, and Hightower. Both running backs are solid plays in fantasy this week if you think the Cardinals are going to keep the game close.

There is also a possibility of this being the break out week for Larry Fitzgerald

Again, this is a big if, but if Cards keep the game close and establish the running game, this will create opportunities for the play-action pass. The Saints number one cornerback Tracey Porter is not playing this week, which should open up things for Fitz. 

On the other side of the ball, start anyone you have involved in the Saints passing game.

I have one team with Drew Brees, Lance Moore, and Jeremy Shockey -- all three will be in my lineup. Add Marques Colston, Devery Henderson, and Robert Meachem as plays, also.

Shockey is the one to really keep your eye on. Antonio Gates last week had seven receptions for 144 yards and two touchdowns. I don't trust any of the Cards linebackers or safeties guarding the tight end. I see this being a big problem for Arizona all season. 

I stay away from any of the Saints running backs. Pierre Thomas is questionable and I am not in love with Chris Ivory or LaDell Betts. 

Remember, the key to this game is your gut feeling on if the Cardinals will keep it close. If you think they will, Wells, Hightower, and Fitz are all in play. If not, stay away from all Cardinals players for a second straight week.