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College Football Rankings: What's Next For The Arizona Wildcats

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The University of Arizona is ranked ninth in the AP Top 25, thanks to their unblemished record and quality victory against 15th-ranked Iowa.

The Wildcats will play their fourth consecutive home game this Saturday, taking on Oregon State at 3:00 p.m. AZT. Despite being the favorite, Arizona will be facing a good team that has only been defeated by Boise State and TCU.

Arizona will be able to move up several spots this weekend if the ball bounces the right way. Eighth-ranked Auburn takes on a tough Kentucky team in Lexington, and seventh-ranked Nebraska plays undefeated Kansas State in Manhattan on Thursday night. 

Both of these games could be upset specials, as Kansas State is a bruising running team and Kentucky has a balanced offensive attack that has placed them in the top 34 of both rushing and passing statistics.

Arizona also has to be concerned about 12th-ranked LSU, who is taking on 14th-ranked Florida in an SEC clash. LSU would be 6-0 with a victory, and would be moved up quickly by the pollsters. Arizona has a long way to go before they are given respect over the Tigers.

In the end, Arizona needs to take care of the games on their schedule and not concern themselves with anything else. An undefeated season would guarantee the Wildcats of a Rose Bowl berth, at the very minimum. You'd be hard-pressed to find a 12-0 Pac-10 team left out of the BCS Championship game.