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ASU Baseball, Chicago Cubs, City Of Mesa Set To Break Ground On New Combined Stadium

Everyone is excited for this project.

Aerial view rendering of Cubs/ASU facility.
Aerial view rendering of Cubs/ASU facility.

After plans for some time, on Wednesday it was announced that on July 11, the groundbreaking for a combined ASU Baseball/Chicago Cubs spring training baseball facility. The voter-approved facility will be located at the southeast corner of the 101 and 202 freeways and will cost roughly $99 million to fund the project.

The stadium will boast a 15,000 fan capacity and include a video board, shaded seats and luxury suites as well as improved concessions and restrooms. The stadium design will incorporate some of the unique features of Wrigley Field as well as distinctive aspects from the State of Arizona while equally creating the exciting atmosphere that goes with college baseball.

"This is an exciting step for all three organizations as we work on this unprecedented partnership to bring together one of the most beloved and storied Major League Baseball teams and one of the finest college baseball programs into a state-of-the-art facility." Mesa Mayor Scott Smith said. "What an amazing opportunity for the City of Mesa to work with the Cubs and ASU on this historic collaboration."

The new complex will include a shared playing field, seven full-size practice fields, one of which is proposed to be would be used solely by Arizona State, and one infield-only natural turf practice field. There would also be a separate clubhouse for ASU.

"Arizona State has an innovative and unique opportunity to align with one of the world's most recognizable sports brands in the Chicago Cubs, while also increasing the university's reach by enhancing its presence in both the city of Mesa and Illinois," Steve Patterson, Arizona State University Vice President for University Athletics and Athletics Director, said. "Our baseball program's rich past and loyal following provides the perfect complement to the Cubs' renowned history and loyal fan base."

ASU baseball will benefit greatly. They have played forever in Packard Stadium. And as great a baseball program as the university has had, it has never had a facility to match it. This can only benefit the school and the program.

Here are some renderings of how the facility will look.