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Taylor Kelly As ASU Starting Quarterback Is Surprising Upset

Arizona State football head coach Todd Graham has made his first move forward in deciding who will starting quarterback will be in the 2012 season. There are three inexperienced quarterbacks on the roster that have different skillsets. Michael Eubank is the huge physical freak. At 6-5, 242 pounds with speed and arm strength, he is of the same mold as Cam Newton. He was also recruited by Graham when he was at Pitt. Then there is Michael Bercovici, who at 6-1 has the best release and accuracy with his arm. The last guy is Taylor Kelly, who is the speedy runner.

Most would have thought that Eubank would be the guy because of his connection to Graham and the physical tools. Some would have said as well that the smart money would have been on Bercovici because he worked last year as the backup to Brock Osweiler. He was also the number one guy for a lot of the offseason work.

The one guy that most would have said really didn't have a chance was Taylor Kelly. He has the weakest arm of the three and is more of a scrambler.

Bur surprise, surprise. As of right now, Kelly is the guy.

Kelly, who came from Idaho, is a playmaker. Having watched him myself at practices over the past couple of years, the one thing I see is fast. He runs well. He doesn't throw a great deep ball at all. But he is accurate in the short and intermediate throws.

Now he is the guy...for now. It isn't final, but Kelly has stood out. He takes care of the football.

If he holds on, he will be exciting to watch. He is from Idaho and is mobile, which automatically draws comparisons to Jake Plummer. It's not entirely fair. Plummer was bigger and had a better arm. But Kelly does possess the trait of making plays when they count.

Kelly was the underdog in this competition from the start. We like long as they perform. So for now, it is great. He will have to keep things up and perform for Sun Devil fans, because they won't go long for the underdog is he plays like a dog.

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