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ASU Football Odds: House Of Sparky Breaks Down The Schedule

There is a lot of question marks surrounding the Arizona State Sun Devils football program heading into next season. New coach, new players, and a tough schedule leave many scratching their heads when trying to predict how good they might be. Still, it's fun to project, so SB Nation Arizona and House of Sparky's Brad Denny took it upon himself to take a closer look at the spreads for the Sun Devils upcoming season, putting his own spin on each of the games on the schedule.

Make the jump to see for yourself.

Here are the picks, with commentary from Mr. Denny:

vs. NAU: -27.5 (Hooray!)

vs. Illinois: Pick 'em (So you're saying there's a chance...)

at Missouri: +16.5 (S-E-C)

vs. Utah: +7.5 (Payback?)

at Cal: +14 (Maynard'd)

at Colorado: +1.5 (Well...that thin air is tough to adjust to...)

vs. Oregon: +21.5 (Wow, that high?)

vs. UCLA: +2.5 (Mazzone gets the last laugh)

at Oregon State: +6.5 (The Beavers are a second half team)

at USC: +28.5 (OK, we'll admit that's probably about right)

vs. Washington State: +1.5 (Yar, Pirate attack off the port bow)

at Arizona: +4 (No)

So, based on these figures, ASU is looking at 2-10 at best. Uh huh..

Take 'em or leave 'em, those are the picks. But they still have to play the games, so there is always hope.

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