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ASU, Pac-12 Stands Behind New College Football Playoff, But New System Still Will Have Flaws

The new college football playoff that will replace the BCS system that has infuriating fans across the country for years is finally here. No more computers, no more questions...or will there be?

The Pac-12 is on board, as is Arizona State. And why not? The system is better, even if it isn't perfect.

This is what ASU AD Steve Patterson said in a press release:

"We are excited about the new four team playoff for Division I football. We support Pac-12 Conference Commissioner Larry Scott and the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee every step of the way. We congratulate them on their cautious deliberations concerning the future of the college football postseason. Today's decision represents an exciting shift in the future of college football. We are looking forward to seeing this future flourish as we maintain our historic relationship with the Rose Bowl."

Now...what about the flaws? One of the latest productions from SB Nation Studios discusses the flaws and why fans won't be any less riled up with a playoff than with the BCS. They cite the selection committee factor, the money and the fact that the smaller conferences still have no real shot at the title.

Watch the video!