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NFL Draft 2012: Michael Floyd Should Have An Immediate Impact, According To ESPN's Mel Kiper

The Arizona Cardinals can be proud of one thing - it seems like everyone loved their selection of Michael Floyd in the NFL Draft.

ESPN's Mel Kiper even went as far to say that Floyd, who was picked eight spots after fellow wide receiver Justin Blackmon, will make an impact on his new team faster than Blackmon will.

Here is what Kiper had to say.

"Of the two wide receivers taken in the top 15, Floyd is clearly in the better position to make an early impact. With Larry Fitzgerald on the other side of the formation, Floyd will see better corner matchups. Think of Julio Jones last year across from Roddy White. As well, Floyd simply has become a really good route-runner, and he won't have a difficult transition to NFL route concepts out of Notre Dame. Blackmon, on the other hand, has to hope Blaine Gabbert has made major strides this offseason."

The lack of pressure on Floyd to come in and be the no. 1 option will only heighten his confidence early in the season and playing next to a consummate professional like Fitzgerald will make his learning curve that much faster. The Cards can only hope the results follow.

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