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2012 NFL Draft: Brock Osweiler Impresses Jon Gruden With Enthusiasm, Charisma

On Tuesday afternoon, ESPN U aired the episode of former NFL coach and current Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden's QB Camp that featured Arizona State University QB Brock Osweiler. As one of the most intriguing QB in the NFL Draft later this month, he did himself a lot of good in winning over people with the way he approaches the game of football.

The entire episode was film study and Osweiler was very polished -- almost too polished.

Now, this is a young man who would run offensive meetings at Arizona State, but his responses were almost too enthusiastic. However, that is the guy he always showed he was as a Sun Devil.

Gruden raved about his energy on the field, telling him to never lose his excitement.

He discussed the good and the bad of being as tall as he is. He made special mention of the need Osweiler has at his height to use his eyes to manipulate defenders, something he was not particularly proficient at ASU.

Perhaps the most poignant moment was Gruden's saying that Osweiler has so much potential, but that potential means "you haven't done it yet."

However, Brock was impressive on the board when he went through reads against a Cover-2 defenses, explaining what he looks for and where he throws. He was flawless.

Gruden pointed out the need to fix the details like getting on the same page as receivers and remembering things like presnap signals so his players don't end up in the wrong spot.

The episode did not show any work on the field, but with what was shown was sure to catch people's eyes. Brock will grab the attention of the media and fans. If he works as hard as he has done up until this point and gets his opportunity, he is gong to win people over.

But, with all the charisma and enthusiasm, and how he says all the right things, it comes down to the fact that he is definitely a "potential" type quarterback -- simply meaning he hasn't done it yet.

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