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With Win Over Arizona, ASU Has New Outlook For Pac-12 Tournament

The Arizona State Sun Devils haven't had much to look forward to this season in basketball, except maybe looking forward until it ended. But a thrilling 87-80 win over the Arizona Wildcats to end the regular season gave the players a rejuvenating boost it seems.

While listening to Doug and Wolf on Tuesday on the way home, I heard how the Arizona State players were now looking at the Pac-12 Tournament as their chance to get into March Madness with an automatic berth. While it sounds absurd because of the talent level on the team, it puts things into perspective and it was good to hear.

At this point in the season, you never really know what could happen. For a team like the Sun Devils, this is the exact sort of attitude to take into the tournament. They have nothing to lose and zero pressure. They should go in thinking they could pull off a hot streak and win the NCAA berth.

Everyone knows that won't happen, but it gets the players fired up again about playing and gets fans fired up as well.

This is why NCAA basketball is so intriguing. with conference tournaments, 360+ teams are all in the mix again, at least until they are bumped in their tournament. Hope is revived, the unthinkable can and does happen and March Madness is, in fact, mad.

Is it crazy to think that the Sun Devils could do it? Yes, but that is exactly the sort of thing that March brings.

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