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Davonte Neal Withdraws From Chaparral High, According To Report

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Davonte Neal has apparently done it again.

After his bizarre Signing Day saga where he chose Notre Dame over the Arizona Wildcats and others on Feb. 21 but not before missing his original presser time, interrupting a litany of class schedules and being forced to apologize after, now Neal has reportedly withdrawn from Scottsdale Chaparral High, according to the Arizona Republic's Richard Obert.

Um, last time we checked you sort of have to graduate from a high school or obtain some sort of equivalent in order to attend college. Also, Notre Dame isn't exactly some low-level academic institution. So Neal's future is definitely up in the air unless there is some more news around the corner.

But it seems like with Neal, there always is. We will try to keep you updated with whatever comes of Neal's decision to leave Chaparral so early in the second half of his senior year.