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Wait, Brock Osweiler Isn't 6-8?

Throughout the 2011 college football season, anyone who watched the Arizona State Sun Devils heard over and over and over again the fact that starting quarterback Brock Osweiler is 6-8, the tallest quarterback in the FBS. TV broadcasters would bring it up at least a dozen times each game.

It turns out that he really isn't 6-8. At the NFL Combine, Osweiler measured in at 6-6 7/8. That's still tall.

It turns out that NFL scouts may like that better. At 6-8, NFL people believe that at that height, mobility will be an issue. Sun Devil fans know that Osweiler is mobile enough to make plays with his feet. He looks like a giraffe when he runs, but it is movement.

Automatically there are comparisons to the 6-8 former NFL QB that did nothing, Dan McGwire.

At almost 6-7, he will scare front office people less, even though it doesn't really make sense why a taller guy is not as coveted. The delivery time with the arm is understandable, as longer arms can mean a longer arm motion. But rather than just look at the height, it would make more sense to look at the arm motion.

In any case, I'm not sure whether or not to be disappointed that Brock is not 6-8. After all, we endured months of hearing how unique that is. Now he isn't unique. He's just regular tall.

Maybe that's a good thing.

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