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Davonte Neal Commits To Notre Dame Over Arizona After Long Delay

Davonte Neal, who is widely regarded as one of the best high school athletes in the country, has taken his time in the recruiting process and weighed all of his options before making a final decision on Tuesday morning. Neal, a four-star recruit on Rivals and the No. 8 overall player on ESPN, had a final list of Arizona, Arkansas, North Carolina and Notre Dame. In the end, he chose Notre Dame.

It almost looked like we weren't going to find out where Neal was headed on Tuesday after he didn't show up for his press conference. But he returned to the school and made the announcement as planned, just without the cameras.

Neal will undoubtedly make an immediate impact in South Bend and could play wide receiver and cornerback. Most feel he will end up at receiver with his electric speed and strong play-making abilities. This is a huge pickup for Notre Dame and bodes well for the program going forward.

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