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Davonte Neal To Announce Between Arizona, Arkansas, Notre Dame, North Carolina

Davonte Neal is set to make his announcement tomorrow at Chaparral. There are several teams still in contention.

  • Arizona Wildcats: The home state team, Neal has already seen a couple of his teammates get signed up to Arizona.
  • Arkansas Razorbacks: Davonte could be the focal point of the offense here, and could be a serious sleeper candidate between Notre Dame and Arizona.
  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish: The frontrunner for all the school has to offer, and its general all-around tradition. If you had to make a bet, Neal to Notre Dame wouldn't be that bad a selection.
  • North Carolina Tar Heels: Neal does have family connections here, which would make it a comfortable fit.

Neal's decision will be made sometime around 9:30 AM MT / 11:30 AM ET. If you want an online stream for the announcement, you can watch it by clicking here.

To discuss the Neal decision with fans of all teams in the running, head to Arizona Desert Swarm (Arizona), Arkansas Expats (Arkansas), Carolina March (North Carolina) and One Foot Down (Notre Dame).