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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Davonte Neal Favors The Irish?

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Davonte Neal is the lone big-time athlete remaining on the recruiting board who has yet to make his commitment be known. The Chaparral athlete will disclose his school tomorrow, and four teams are left in the running: The Notre Dame Fighting Irish, the North Carolina Tar Heels, the Arizona Wildcats, the Arkansas Razorbacks. It's anyone's guess who he chooses.

Richard Obert of AZCentral has been covering Neal's recruitment since the beginning, and he's starting to think that Notre Dame is the team to beat in this circus. He explains why.

This was the only school in which Luke Neal accompanied his son. The tradition is second to none. The electric current felt walking into the stadium is something Neal probably wouldn't experience anywhere else. The Irish signed five-star quarterback Gunner Kiel, who is already enrolled. Neal could start the season returning kicks and probably figure in at receiver if not at cornerback. Neal is open to playing any position. He would be surrounded by top talent. Brian Kelly's offense is tailor-made for Neal. It's important to Luke that his son graduates, and Notre Dame's 97-percent graduation success rate is the best there is.

Arizona fans can't be happy with what Obert has to say. After giving the Wildcats a puncher's chance through most of the last few weeks, he crosses them off the list among the four finalists. Will Neal surprise everyone and stay home? No one knows yet.

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