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Davonte Neal Recruiting: Ohio State Reportedly Out, Arizona, Oklahoma Among Finalists

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Davonte Neal has had an unconventional recruitment, even though he probably never intended for it to be that way. While immensely talented and capable of being an immediate factor at the next level, the product out of Scottsdale is taking his time deciding on a college to play at for the next four years.

Many believed he was a heavy lean towards Ohio St. and Urban Meyer, but recent reports have indicated they are looking elsewhere with their last remaining scholarship. According to this recent report from AZ Central, Neal's father, Luke Neal, was surprised and baffled by the rumors of Ohio St. looking elsewhere.

"I haven't talked to Ohio State at all," Luke Neal said. "Maybe they're trying to pull the trigger and make him commit. This week we're trying to figure out what we're doing. There was no need to talk to them. We'll talk to them next week."

"We're not writing them off. I've not heard from Urban Meyer. I guess it's the same stuff that was tweeted earlier that Davonte was going to Ohio State. He has not committed anywhere. I don't know what they're doing because we're not doing anything. (Meyer) said he'd give us that week off."

This whole recruitment is getting messy and it's probably best to let the Neal family figure out the situation without speculation from the media. That being said, everything keeps pointing to the wide receiver ending up somewhere other than Columbus.

As for his fifth and final official visit, it would be nice for him to choose the Wildcats, although he could always visit unofficially and make the 90 minute drive south on his own dime. It sounds like a decision will be made shortly after he wraps up his visits.

Stay tuned. Luring Davonte Neal to the UA would be absolutely huge for Rich Rodriguez and the coaching staff as they attempt to rebuild the football program. They'll have some stiff competition, though, and it's anyone's guess as for where he ends up.