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Initial Impressions Of Some Of The Sun Devil Recruiting Class

The Arizona State Sun Devil football program has had one heck of a ride over the last few months. They went from favorites to win the Pac-12 South with an outside chance of a Rose Bowl bid to ending the season bitterly, having their head coach fired and a new hire that seemed to go wrong at every turn. In the end, Todd Graham was the guy standing at the head of the program. He has done an amazing job thus far at turning heads and giving fans something to believe in.

What he was able to accomplish with this recruiting class in just the few weeks he had to figure which of the previous recruits would fit into what the coaching staff has in mind and also seek out more talent that will match the goals of the team was remarkable. Graham said that he would be happy with this class no matter what the circumstances. Obviously that is a lot of coach speak, but with some of the talent he brought in, it is hard not to get excited.

Aside from my duties as regional editor of this site, I also am a Sun Devil season ticket holder. Wednesday night I attended the yearly Signing Day banquet that ASU has to celebrate the recruiting class as a fan and enjoyed the presentation.

For a few of the players, between what the coaches said about them and what was in the highlight videos, I had some impressions as to how I envision how their careers will pan out.

The first guy that stuck out to me was receiver Richard Smith. His ASU receivers coach described him as a guy that "talks fast, plays fast and doesn't like to be touched." He is little (5-9) and speedy. Watching the highlights and hearing the comments makes me think that he is going to the type of player that will make a few amazing plays but also give you a headache sometimes. Kyle Williams did that for me and Jamal Miles has done that as well. That's not all bad, though.

Marion Grice, the top JUCO RB looked good on film. When I saw it, I thought "Cameron Marshall with more speed." If that's not encouraging, I don't know what is.

Terrell Davis, the RB out of Canada was praised for his versatility. Sounds like he will be used a lot as a receiver out of the backfield.

The quote of the night was describing Mike Pennel. He was described as being so big that "he can block out the sun." He's going to do well anchoring that line.

The linebackers they got look like they are going to be very physical.

Lastly, D.J. Foster. I see another Deantre Lewis. That is scary exciting.

I'm ready for football already. too bad we are still months away.