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NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay Would Draft Brock Osweiler in First Round

When former Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler declared for the NFL Draft, most believed that it was foolish. However, as we all get closer and closer to the draft, the 6-8 signal caller for the Sun Devils is getting a bit of buzz as a pro QB prospect. In fact, ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay happens to be a big fan.

Said McShayabout Osweiler on Arizona Sports 620:

"The more I watch, the more I love it. He's a competitor...he's accurate despite unusual mechanics and that unusual release. I would draft Brock Osweiler in the late first round range."

Late first round? That's quite a jump from maybe the third or fourth rounds originally.

As of now, Osweiler is ranked in the top five quarterback prospects in the draft. By the time draft day comes around, he might be a first rounder.

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