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Davonte Neal Potentially Favoring Arizona Wildcats?

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Davonte Neal probably remains the best athlete remaining from the 2012 recruiting class that remains uncommitted. Neal has a final four that includes some familiar suspects, including one local team.

For a long time, it was thought that national powerhouses Notre Dame and Arkansas were considered the favorites in Neal's recruitment. But as Neal's decision date nears, there could be a change in plans that might favor the local team. Richard Obert of the Arizona Republic reports that the Arizona Wildcats might be in better shape than previously realized.

But Luke Neal shed some light Wednesday afternoon to make me think either UA or North Carolina just might be the school. Keep in mind, Davonte's grandmother on his mom's side lives in North Carolina. But more so I think UA has the best shot.

UA now has Davonte's best friend, linebacker Cody Ippolito, locked in with a scholarship. And it's close to Dad, to whom Davonte' attributed his success at the Ed Doherty Awards luncheon last Friday. Davonte's girlfriend, who attended the Doherty Awards with him, is here.

Over the weekend, Luke said his son awoke one night and told him which school he was going to. Luke said he told his son to sit on it longer to be sure. He confirmed it Monday. And, on Tuesday, during his cousin's memorial service, Davonte' "had a clearer picture," Luke said.

Rich-Rod landing Neal would be a huge victory, because Arizona doesn't really have any marquee recruits in their class. Putting an athlete like Neal in Arizona's future spread option would be a boon to the team.

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