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Andrus Peat To Announce Between Nebraska, Stanford, USC On National Signing Day

Andrus Peat is perhaps the top offensive tackle on the West Coast from Corona Del Sol. It's hard to get a read on where exactly he'll attend soon, although he's expected to reveal his intentions in a matter of days on National Signing Day. Here is the supposed itinerary for Peat's announcement.

Peat has a current top two of Nebraska and Stanford. USC is supposedly the third team in the mix. Peat is probably favored to end up with Nebraska because his brother Todd is currently with the program. But also Stanford has to factor in because of their strong offensive line tradition the past few years and their ability to produce NFL-caliber players, particularly with the type of players they've been landing recently, including Josh Garnett. USC is USC, but they might have some ground to make up in this contest.

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