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ASU Vs. Mizzou: Sun Devils Lead 23-16 Heading Into Fourth Quarter

The Arizona State Sun Devils lead the Misouri Tigers 23-16 after three quarters of play. The Sun Devils scored two touchdowns in the period while the Tigers scored two field goals.

The quarter opened up with a 41-yard drive by the Tigers, which ended on a 47-yard field goal by kicker Grant Ressel. Tigers quarterback James Franklin again created plays with his running ability, but he was limited by the ASU defense and the Tigers were force to settle for a field goal.

The Sun Devils moved the ball to about midfield on the following possession, but were ultimately forced to punt. The Tigers took the ball from their own nine-yard line all the way to the Sun Devils' one-yard line. ASU made a stand, though, and the Tigers settled for a 19-yard field goal.

The Sun Devils resorted to some trickery on the next drive, and the highlight of a 65-yard drive came on the final play when Jamal Miles threw a 35-yard touchdown to Aaron Pflugrad. Kicker Alex Garoutte nailed the extra point.

The play served as turning point in the quarter. ASU's defense held the Tigers to a three-and-out on the next drive, and the Sun Devils are on the drive. ASU will start the fourth quarter on the Tigers' 16-yard line.