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College Football Rankings: Arizona State Might Be Ranked On Tuesday

The Arizona St. Sun Devils were hovering on the edge of the top 25 before the season started (ranked 28th in the AP Poll, 26th in the Coaches Poll), and a convincing opening-week victory against the UC Davis Aggies seemed to show that the team is moving toward being one of those favored teams.

But despite several upsets in the top 25, it might be tough for ASU to move up. Oregon is ranked too high to drop completely out of the rankings after losing to LSU, and despite an unimpressive victory over Minnesota, the USC Trojans will probably hang onto its top spot because they did beat an FBS opponent (ASU was playing an FCS team). So it'll entirely depend on how far Georgia falls after losing to Boise State and Notre Dame after getting punked around by South Florida.

ASU might penetrate the top 25 in the Coaches Poll, but they'll probably have to beat Missouri to move through in the AP rankings. Don't make any bets on it though.