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ASU vs. Illinois: At Halftime, Sun Devils Underwhelming With 10-7 Deficit

Normally, this space is reserved for unbiased news reports. Today, I am writing as a very disappointed Arizona State alum.

At the half, ASU trails Illinois, 10-7. Words cannot say how undisciplined this team has looked. From the unnecessary penalties, muffed punts, missed field goals and terrible run defense, ASU has failed to live up to the expectations that have been lumped upon the Sun Devils in the 2011 season.

The Sun Devils had their chances, to be certain. Illinois turned the ball over three times, giving Brock Osweiler and company plenty of time to take advantage. Unfortunately for ASU fans, the game has gone very poorly from an offensive standpoint, a tone that was set on the first play of the game: Osweiler attempted a screen pass to Marshall, who was immediately tackled for a five yard loss.

It is very difficult to quantify how bad this first half was for the Sun Devils, though if you consider that ASU is only down by three points, it is still a very winnable game. However, for fans who thought 2011 was the year of destiny for Arizona State, a big dose of reality was served up by the Illini.