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Sun Devils Cornerback Devan Spann Leaves Practice With Shoulder Injury

The Arizona State University Sun Devils have had a tough time with injuries this offseason, with injuries to players such as cornerback Omar Bolden, linebacker Brandon Magee and wide receiver T.J. Simpson. It seems that they will have to continue dealing with injuries even as Thursday's season opener approaches, though perhaps not as serious in nature as those aforementioned. Reserve cornerback Devan Spann left Monday's practice with a shoulder injury, according to Doug Haller.

Spann has had shoulder issues for a while now, with this incident being his third case of shoulder aggravation within the past month. He redshirted last year and has worked hard since, earning the Hard Hat award for his effort during ASU's offseason strength and conditioning.

No report is out yet about what type of injury Spann suffered or how much time he will miss. The Sun Devils don't have the depth at corner that they were hoping to have at the end of last season. Hopefully Spann can return and contribute soon enough.