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Pac-12 Network Unveiled, All Football Games To Be Broadcast Nationally Via 'Groundbreaking Agreement'

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott was in New York City on July 27 as part of his coast-to-coast media blitz, and he brought forward some very exciting news -- the Pac-12 Network has become a reality. As a matter of fact, it's the Pac-12 Networks.

Scott announced that there would be six regional Pac-12 Networks: Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Southern California, Arizona, and Mountain.

Four key cable companies are on board with this endeavor: Cox, Comcast, Time Warner and Brighthouse.

The national audience will focus on the top match-ups of each week, while the regional networks will broadcast "every football and men's basketball game" on a local level.

Scott added that there would be 850 sports competitions spread out amongst the national and regional networks each year.

Scott added that the Pac-12 Networks will be available to the majority of fans across the nation when the Network launches in August 2012.

The promise of this network is unbelievable -- Olympic sports will be broadcast across the nation on each of these networks. Scott added during the presentation that every men's basketball and football game will be broadcast across the nation.

The Pac-12 Networks can be used across "any device," which likely includes iPads and smart phones.

The network will be owned by the conference itself, rather than a cross-venture with ESPN like the Longhorn Network. Scott called this a "Herculean effort," and I tend to agree -- if the promise is delivered upon, the Pac-12 will be the gold standard of the entire college sports world.

Live feed of the video here: