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Sun Devils: Don't Fear Change, Embrace It

The Sun Devils are evolving. For what has seemed like ages, ASU has worn golden helmets with Sparky emblazoned on both sides and the football program has played in Sun Devil Stadium. While some of that might stay the same, there are still exciting changes coming next week for my alma mater.

Speculation has run rampant across Sun Devil fansites, but the general consensus is the same: the pitchfork is going to be the new Sun Devil trademark. The pitchfork has slowly been incorporated more and more into the ASU rotation, most recently being speared through the endzone font.

Expect the pitchfork to featured on either a black or maroon helmet, part of a new uniform that could change the way you see the Sun Devils.

ASU has been very active regarding this unveiling, relying on social media and YouTube to spread the word about the changes that are coming. In a video you can watch after the jump, the history of the Sun Devils is examined and the natural fear of change is challenged.

Sometimes the status quo is acceptable. On the other hand, if a new look can reinvigorate recruiting and provide a spark to the team from a confidence standpoint, then this move will be very beneficial for the ASU football program.

Besides, think of all the cool new merchandise we'll be able to purchase. Bring on the next generation of Sun Devils football!

Go Devils!