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ASU New Uniforms Unveiled: Fonts And Forks For All!

ASU Athletic Director Lisa Love kicked things off with the unveiling of the first two parts of ASU's new brands. First came the proprietary font, ASU Bold. It's an exciting, dynamic look. Or it's just a slight tweak on a font you've seen a thousand times. We can't tell. 

Following the font, of course came the Fork. Fear the Fork. The Fork isn't just for eating pasta. Fork it. Fork related phrases were used to describe the new logo which is, a Fork.


"When I arrived at ASU six years ago I noticed we were an athletics program which featured different shades of maroon and gold, different logos, multiple fonts and uniforms," Love said in a prepared statement.

"There was a lack of real consistency with regard to our brand. This partnership with Nike, which began nearly a decade ago for uniforms, will springboard us to a new level of branding, giving us a coordinated universitywide focus that will support our aspirations as a high-performance athletic organization."

The uniforms came next in a flashy show that featured athletes from various programs coming on-stage in their new outfits.

The big addition, as rumored, was the black uniform joining the home white and road maroon. Sparky has indeed been replaced with The Fork. I guess Sparky wasn't "high-performance" enough for the modern age.


Being old and resistant to change, I might not be the best judge of these fancy new "colors" and "logos". Hopefully the kids love them because it's all about the kids. It's also about not spending any state money on the re-branding which is what the school reports.

"There were a handful of incidental costs, such as business travel and promotional campus signs that were paid for out of licensing revenues and local funds. No state taxpayer funds or tuition dollars were used."

Visit ASU's Facebook page for a full gallery of all the stuff. Sundevilmbb_dsc8224_medium