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Hey Lisa, End This Debacle And Bring Mora To Tempe

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The boosters and fans have spoken, and ASU has listened. No June Jones. 

So the powers that be, while it can be easily argued that they have botched this search for a head coach for a prominent Pac-12 program in as good a location as any coach could ask for, have at least shown they are willing to listen to those who butter their bread. 

The Sun Devils have stood by and watched their chief rivals down south get their man. Then another conference team, Washington State, acted super fast and got Mike Leach. It's time to act, and has been for a couple of weeks.

You've shown you're willing to listen, Lisa Love (ASU VP of Athletics). Now listen to this: Go and get Jim Mora NOW.

Not the "Playoffs?" Jim Mora who you last saw on a Coors Light commercial. His son. The guy who took the Atlanta Falcons to the NFC championship game. The commentator on NFL broadcasts. The guy who has a ton of energy, exuberance and will definitely be a players coach.

I'm not just saying. I know Jim Mora. Not super well, but I spent a season around him when I covered the Seahawks and he was Mike Holmgren's assistant head coach/secondary coach in 2008. The guy looks young, acts young, keeps himself in shape, is charismatic and will be a major asset as a recruiter. Plain and simple, he can fire up players. At any level.

Devils fans, you want someone younger? Mora is 50 but looks like he's 30. You want charisma? Check. Someone the players can relate to? The guy likes Snoop Doggy Dogg and those hip-bump celebrations players do these days. A guy with college and pro experience? Played at University of Washington and coached there. Coached 15 seasons in the NFL, four as a head coach. 

UCLA is reported to be looking hard at Mora for the Bruins job. So Lisa and Co., please act fast. Get this guy. 

Mora knows defense, and last time I checked, the ASU defense needs to improve. A lot. He will bring in an excellent staff because he has built relationships throughout all of football. He's played in Rose Bowls and coached in our conference. He's not someone the administration will be taking a chance on. He already has credentials and has proven himself.

Mora is as qualified, if not more so, than any candidate the Devils have been associated with. Plus he loves to run up mountains for exercise, and we have at least three right here in town that are already popular with runners/fitness enthusiasts. So come on, Lisa Love. Snatch Mora away from UCLA and bring him to Tempe. This town would love him.