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June Jones Probably Won't Be The Next ASU Football Head Coach

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The Arizona St. Sun Devils were all set to hire SMU head coach June Jones. They forgot one little thing though--they apparently forgot to tell their boosters. In less than half an hour, the Sun Devils went from having a new head coach to falling right back down the chute to square one.

Source: ASU has "cold feet" over Jones deal due to booster pressure. Meeting to take place now. Deal in serious jeopardy
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Just confirmed that major backlash on June Jones hiring has ASU backing off. ASU is not hiring June Jones.
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2:15 Update: Arizona State has broken off talks (for now) with SMU coach June Jones, per a source.
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Perhaps ASU boosters are wary of the fact that Jones is on the older side, just like Dennis Erickson was. Arizona State probably wants to trend young and go with a newer face to the college football coaching game instead of sticking to a trend of hiring older, more established candidates on the downside fo their career.

So now instead of having a new coach in place ready to get things going, Arizona State is stuck having to find someone else again. And it looks like a grave blunder by the ASU athletic director Lisa Love. That the boosters were so firmly against this move seems to reflect a lack of communication between the athletic department and the ASU community, and could spell the beginning of the end for her.

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