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ASU Football Coaching Search Update: Chaos And Confusion Rule

First Arizona State University was reported to have already offered their head coaching job to Houston's Kevin Sumlin. Then immediately after, that report was negated by conflicting reports. Then ASU was reportedly still going to travel to Houston to meet with Sumlin. Then they weren't as it seemed that he was a lock to take the Texas A&M job. But UCLA still did reportedly go to Texas but came back empty handed. 

Confused yet? Hold on, because we're just getting started.

With Sumlin reportedly off the market, the name that rose to the top of the ASU search was SMU's June Jones. The fan base and boosters didn't seem thrilled and at least according to one reporter, that made a difference as ASU has now reportedly cooled on Jones.

Twitter / @doug620: #ASU fans & boosters deser ...
#ASU fans & boosters deserve a mighty salute. you're lack of interest in June Jones stopped the pursuit. Congrats on making ur voice heard

And guess who might actually be back in the mix?

Twitter / @DevilsDigest: Sources indicating that Fe ...
Sources indicating that Fedora is the leader for A&M's coaching vacancy. This would prompt ASU to pursue Sumlin and Briles.

In other words, no one has a clue right now what ASU is going to do and it's doubtful they do either. Stay tuned and buckle in.