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ASU Vs. Boise State Recap: ASU Gets Throttled By Broncos, Lose 56-24

From the opening kickoff the rout was on. Doug Martin took the opening kickoff 100-yards and ASU quickly found out they were in over their heads. The Broncos outplayed the Sun Devils for four complete quarters and pounded the Devils by a final score of 56-24

Some fans were fooled into thinking that ASU would come out fired up and would "win one for the gipper," they did not. It was the same Sun Devil team that we saw too much of under Dennis Erickson. Undisciplined, uninspired and unsuccessful. 

Credit must be given to Boise State, who played like it had something to prove all night. Broncos quarterback Kellen Moore capped off one of the best careers in college football history in fashion. Moore went 23-30 with 266 yards and two touchdowns. With the victory over ASU, Moore finishes his career with 50 wins, the only quarterback ever to do that. 

Doug Martin finished with over 300 all-purpose yards for the Broncos, including 154 rushing yards and two total touchdowns. Boise State also had two defensive touchdowns on top of the kickoff TD. The Broncos defense held ASU to -6 yards total rushing. Cameron Marshall only had 12 yards on 11 carries. 

The lone bright spot of the night for the Sun Devils was senior WR Gerell Robinson. Robinson had 13 catches for 241 yards and a touchdown. Robinson finished nine yards shy of breaking ASU's single-season record for receiving yards. 

This game was a microcosm of ASU's season. There were penalties (9 for 87-yards), there were glimmers of hope (ASU on the Boise State one yard-line down 18) and there were missed opportunities (too many to count).  

ASU started the third quarter off with a 98-yard kickoff return from Rashad Ross. The defense force turnovers on the Broncos first two third-quarter possessions. However, the ASU offense could not come through with points and was stopped on fourth down twice in the third (including a 100-yard INT return from Boise's Jamar Taylor). 

The ASU defense looked baffled by Boise State's trick plays and complex formations, giving up 460 yards in total offense to the Broncos. 

Dennis Erickson finishes his five years at ASU with a 31-31 record, which is fitting because the Sun Devils have been mediocre at best since 2008. Arizona State did not live up to expectations all year and did not live up to expectations tonight. 

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