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Speak Of The Devils Podcast: Complete Analysis Of ASU's Hire Of Todd Graham

The Todd Graham era has begun at Arizona State, and not a moment too soon. The dreadful search for ASU's next head coach is over, and the Speak of the Devils show has you covered. In fact, so much is covered that this week's show is in two parts

In Part 1, we talk with's Vince Marotta, one of the leading sports voices in the state to get his take on the surprise hiring and the immediate implications. We then go in-depth with former ASU defensive end Kyle Caldwell to examine the recruiting impact, break down the Xs and Os of the 3-3-5 defense and what Graham needs to do turn the program around.

Click here to stream Part 1, or listen through iTunes

Part 2 goes deep inside ASU's hire, examining Graham's entire career--his strengths, weaknesses, pros and cons and what to expect here at ASU. From how his early stops at Rice and Tulsa, to the challenges faced at Pitt to the impact on recruiting, nothing goes missing in this episode.

Click here to stream Part 2, or listen through iTunes