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ASU Coaching Hire: Fans React To Todd Graham News

Over at House of Sparky, the one and only location for everything under the Sun Devil sports Sun, fans are reacting all across the spectrum about the hiring of Todd Graham as their new head coach. Although this news is still unofficial, the palpable buzz across the interweb is steady about it, with a multitude of opines on the subject, though at House of Sparky not many of them are positive thus far. 

Dirk Diggler Commented: 

4 head coaching jobs in 6 years. Twice leaving a school after one year. He texted his players that he was leaving at both Pitt and Rice.  What a joke. THIS is the best ASU could do?

Pitt Guy, likely a Pitt fan I'd assume, had this to say: 

If anything, we are lucky to get rid of Coach Todd Graham after just one year at Pitt. Buy a beer tonight on me Sun Devil bro.    

Cincysundevil with more of the same:

All we can do now is hope he doesn't destroy the program, but I've gotta tell you .. I'm not hopeful.

H.O.S. also is running a poll on fans feelings on the move, graded A-F, with the majority of folks coming if with either a vote of C (67 votes) or F (62 votes) as of 1:21 Arizona time. So not too many are stoked on the reported hiring yet. Now only time will tell whether or not he will be a good fit. 

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