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Todd Graham In Video To Pitt Players: 'I've Got A One-Year Plan'

Early reaction to the reported hiring of Todd Graham as the next Arizona State football coach has been mixed. Some seem pleased the search is over and cite Graham's Texas roots as a positive for the Sun Devil program. Others are correctly pointing out that Graham only spent one season with Pitt after being hired away from Tulsa in January 2011. 

There seems to be understandable bitterness coming from the Pittsburgh football community and some trepidation from Arizona as well. 

To get some insight into ASU's new (reportedly) head football coach, watch this video posted on

In the video, we see a highly energetic coach who at the age of 47 is out on the field taking a hands-on approach to coaching. The former player appears active and engaged and passionate which are all qualities we've heard ASU fans ask for in their next football coach.

Ironically, the video starts with Graham telling his players, "Let me tell you, I'm building a program here and I don't got no five-year plan. I've got a one-year plan."

Let's hope that Graham doesn't come to ASU with only a one-year plan.

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